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“A Multi-Level Approach to Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting”
Winning the Counterfeit Wars in Emerging Regions

May 12th-2010, 2pm EST

Event Overview:

This webinar  will present the latest developments on the rapidly growing ,global drug counterfeiting scenario in emerging regions, discuss   the root causes that drive counterfeiting in underdeveloped  regions, then present  a thesis that a multi-level &  multi-stakeholder,  simultaneous joint effort  is mandatory in order to successfully combat  anti-counterfeiting .

Speakers will discuss  multiple level  anti-counterfeiting initiatives in the African continent (Nigeria) by  the national regulatory agency NAFDAC (National Agency for Food & Drug Administration & Control ) including a consumer driven, innovative first of a kind mobile phone authentication system.

A case study during the webinar  will reveal  a simple solution  that works using  mobile phones in the hands of  drug consumer s  in tandem with the Nigerian national regulatory agency  and the pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors,  retail pharmacies, etc.  Using  a  widely practiced  concept of scratch-card mass marketing & promotion schemes with cell phones  in the developing world, an innovative authentication solution was created which is proving to be very effective despite being deceptively simple.

Why Attend :

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that counterfeit drugs make up about 25%   of the global medicine market  in developing countries.  The US based Center for Medicines in the Public Interest (CMPI) projects that by 2010, $ 75 billion US dollars worth of counterfeit drugs will be sold annually.

Fake drug sales are expected to grow at 13% yearly till 2010, a rate significantly higher than the estimated 7.5% annual growth for genuine pharmaceutical commerce. The alarming trend of counterfeiting drugs is growing and though most occur in developing regions, counterfeiting ultimately takes its toll on the global pharmaceutical industry thus affecting  stakeholders everywhere but most specially consumers who bear the most dire of all consequences possibly leading up to life threatening situations or death.

Counterfeiters have become technology savvy with the Internet as well as  with overcoming anti-authenticating modalities.  Greatly encouraged  with their recent successes &  ability to get away with their  crimes, they see no end in sight  to their assault.   A new, intelligent  and multi-phased,  simultaneously executed  plan of counter attack is  the only hop   if we are to win the drug counterfeit ‘wars’. This webinar explores some of the anti-counterfeiting  options used  by experts overseas which include the Director General  of NAFDAC  who have implemented these solutions successfully.

Who Should Attend :

Various stakeholders involved in combating counterfeit medicines and those who want to learn the latest developments from emerging regions including:

●  Pharmaceutical manufacturers  those involved with global drug quality, brand protection , supply     chain,conveyance security
●  Pharmaceutical distributors & associations
●  Drug packaging, labeling companies
●  Drug regulatory agencies, customs &  police
●  Pharmaceutical  Patients and safe medicines advocates
●  Anti-counterfeiting product and service providers                
●  Inter-governmental  agencies (IGOs) involved with healthcare and IPR protection (Intellectual Property     Rights)
●  Non-Govemental Agencies (NGOs) involved with healthcare specially developing regions
●  Anti-Counterfeiting consulting service providers- IP, legal, investigators, etc

Key Learning Objectives:
» Learn and understand the obvious plus  sometimes subtle  root causes of anti-counterfeiting specially in less economically developed countries

» Understand  why key differences in counterfeiting between Western life style drugs from  life-saving medicines in short supply in emerging countries require different approaches

»  Learn how continuous deterioration of economic conditions plus lack of public awareness  makes  even cheaper generic drugs susceptible to counterfeiting, e.g. Indian generics re-labeled “Made in China” for sale in Nigeria.

Comprehend how counterfeiting is enhanced by the lack of compliance to regulations that prohibit the selling of drugs out of pharmacies and authorized outlets and what emerging nations are doing today to rid of this supply chain break-down.

» Learn how NAFDAC is using a multi-level approach to detect and seize counterfeits while simultaneously educating the population on how to distinguish good medicines  from bad.
  Presenter Information:

Speaker #1

Dr. Paul Orhii
Director General

NAFDAC(National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control)-Nigeria
Vice Chair- IMPACT-WHO(World Health Organization)
  • Dr. Paul Orhii since January of  2009, serves as the current Director-General of  NAFDAC  , an agency within the Federal Government of Nigeria, is charged with the responsibility of regulating and controlling the importation, exportation, manufacture, advertisement, sales and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals, medical devices and packaged water.
  • On the international scene, in July 2009, he was appointed the Vice Chairman of WHO IMPACT – the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Dr Paul Orhii, holds a PhD in medicine. Dr Paul B. Orhii is a Russian trained doctor and he recently acquired a Juris Doctor degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at the Texas Southern University.
  • He hails from Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State. Orhii who has a Doctorate Degree in Neuro
  • Pharmacology took over from Mrs. Dora Akunyili who was recently appointed Minister of Information and Communications. Orhii has over 20 years cumulative working experience in the field of medicine in Nigeria and the United States of America.
  • Dr. Orhii has authored or co-authored more than twenty peer-reviewed scientific publications. In the year 2001, his research activity was considered of national interest to the USA.
  • Dr. Orhii is multilingual and very proficient in Russian, Tiv and English languages. He also has a vast exposure to divergent cultural, political, educational & economic systems of the world and a wealth of experience that  cuts across different social and cultural strata.

Speaker #2

Ashifi Gogo
CEO- Sproxil

Founder- Mpedigree
  • Ashifi Gogo Serves as CEO of Sproxil, creator of the first mobile phone based authentication system for emerging regions.
  • Ashifi's venture into social entrepreneurship has continuously enjoyed a strong link with academia. Seeking a closer experience in implementing scientific solutions with a focus on the developing world, he entered Dartmouth College to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering with an emphasis on information assurance in communication systems. At Dartmouth, he earned a Schweitzer Fellowship by virtue of social enterprise, and honed his professional acumen with Six Sigma Black Belt training. Awards from the University of Washington, Seattle, and acceptance as a Fellow into America's first doctoral-level innovation program in recognition of technology-driven social enterprise have stimulated him toward excellence.
  • Ashifi also frequently presents at conferences including those organized by the U. S. Department of Commerce, The World Bank, Global Health Council, The African Network and the Corporate Council on Africa’s U.S.-Africa Business Summit

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