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Tom Honohan

Webinar presented by FDASmart

Why Get Sleepless With Indian Pharma/Biotech Partnering?
Fdasmart A Harvard Negotiation Framework on Successful Western Partnering with India: Outsourcing, Alliances, JVs or M&As

Speakers:  Tom Honohan, Dr. Milind Antani
Webinar - Feb. 9, 2010, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST

Thomas Honohan is a Partner with Pharmaceutical Development Risk Management (PDRM). PDRM provides a highly integrated view of regulatory and technical risk to inform decisions related to development time / cost and likelihood of registration success of products and product portfolios.  The firm serves the investment, biotech, pharma and device industry looking to invest in, acquire and/or divest key assets.

Dr. Milind Antani

Dr. Antani heads the Pharma and Life Sciences Practice at the multi-skilled, research-based international law firm, Nishith Desai Associates with offices in Mumbai, Silicon Valley, Bangalore and Singapore.
Expert speakers from the U.S. and India will detail why/how Western pharmaceutical companies partner with India,  why alliances in general are complicated and often fail, plus they will detail the legal and regulatory framework of India and how to overcome major obstacles to pharmaceutical success in India.

You also will learn 12 critical success factors for a productive alliance/supplier relationship in India with Indian pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices companies..

Speakers will also present an industry proven framework/methodology spawned from the Harvard Negotiation project on strategic alliances & partnerships and how they can be applied and adopted for use with Western partnering in India.

Indian legal and regulatory laws that will be covered:

-Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940: Covers licensing, drug importing, clinical trials, medical devices, labeling

-The Patents Act: Covers patents, infringement exceptions, compulsory licensing provisions
-Foreign Direct Investments: Covers hospitals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, retail
-Investment Structure: Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
-Tax Incentives
-Employment Law: Over 100 laws, precise documentation needed, at-will employment not recognized

-LLP Act: Alternative investment vehicle, tax efficient, foreign investment not yet permitted
-Competition Act: Covers price fixing, market allocation, agreement to limit production

Other Topics and What You Will Learn:

   * Highlight and discuss the respective interests of typical Western and Indian partners in entering into strategic sourcing or alliance relationships.

   * Dissect how the interests, in kind or degree, of Indian partners  often differ from traditional Western partners and what challenges /opportunities they could present.  

   * Explore how  culture, East-West or Developed-Developing regions  business practice differences and other  biases are significant  regarding business success with India  

   * Learn how these differences are best identified and managed at  various stages of the relationship: Pre-negotiation, Negotiation/ Relationship Design, Relationship implementation, Ongoing management / change in the relationship

    * Learn a structured framework/methodology spawned out of the Harvard Negotiation Project that can be used to evaluate possible Indian partners or assess why/how existing partnerships are failing.

  * Learn how to negotiate with discipline before signing binding contracts with Indian partners

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Ram Balani
FDASmart Inc.

Dr. Antani represents clients in matters including corporate mergers and acquisitions, regulatory and transactional matters, intellectual property prosecution and litigation, joint ventures and formation of new companies.