Intelligent Quisine :


Intelligent Quisine’s Clinical trials were the most comprehensive dietary studies ever undertaken, and were identified as being one of the key leading differentiators from other meal programs today.

- Four clinical trials completed to date
- $70M in development by Campbell’s Food Company
- Randomized, multi-centered trials (8 medical universities, 10 sites)
- More than 1,100 Subjects
- Peer-reviewed articles in 10 medical journals
- Parallel treatment groups



Clinical Trials were positive in three key areas:

- Medical Endpoints: 73% of patients on the Intelligent Quisine program noticed a drop in blood cholesterol. Additionally 75% reduced blood pressure, 62% reduced blood sugar and 80% that needed to lose weight did so.
- Compliance: Dropout rates were exceptionally low for a dietary trial. The Intelligent Quisine group was better able to comply with AHA/NCEP STEP II guidelines.
- Quality of Life: IQ patients reported significantly greater increases* in 5 Quality of Life parameters, including Daily Activities, Work Performance, Nutritional Health Perceptions, Nutrition & Social, and Nutrition & Affect


- Demonstrate program efficacy and gain physician support
- Satisfy regulatory requirements to support our unique product health claims; including but not limited to being the first and only meal delivery system and program clinically proven to simultaneously lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight in as little as twelve weeks
- Support key therapeutic objectives: Effective, Safe, Improves Quality of Life

Intelligent Quisine is the FIRST AND ONLY meal plan that meets 100% of the daily recommended intakes (“RDA”) for 20 essential vitamins/minerals put forth by the National Academies of Science.



We also meet recommendations from other major advocacy groups:

- American Heart Association
- American Cancer Society
- American Diabetes Association
- Adult Treatment Panel III Guidelines
- Dietary Guidelines 2010
- Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

*No other packaged food product has the endorsement of health care institutions, medical professionals, and leading health associations!

Providing customers and the people who care for them, optimism about their future and empowerment in choosing a safe, smart, healthier and sustainable path to better living.


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