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FDASmart Inc. is a US, New York based consulting and pharmaceutical services firm with offices India & presence in China, Latin America & Russia to follow.

FDASmart operates with Western business best practices while successfully able to navigate local business cultures, delivering actionable results in EMERGING (BRIC) regions.

Multi-service company that you can trust to:

Outsource GMP audits or Gap Assessments in emerging regions
Assist market intelligence or new business development in India
Assist with US FDA regulatory registrations, submissions for NDA, ANDA , DMFs and Medical Device applications
Source APIs or Generic Formulations & OTC drug from Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers we screen to GMP quality
Outsource mobile healthcare app development or assist you with US FDA medical devices draft guidance as they relate to mobile apps or 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Assist you to create life-sciences partnerships or joint collaborations for SMEs between US and Emerging regions like India


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Pharma Evolution (UBM- Cphi Organizer)

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